In a previous post, where we went through lessons in trekking that can be learned from trekking to the South pole  got us thinking: Having good gear is essential for you to enjoy that next hiking trip.  That led us to the 6061 Alluminum Alloy Telescopic Stick. Where price meets great design and manufacturing. With a load Bearing capacity of 220 lbs and the ability to extend up to 3.6 ft, the 6061 Alluminum Alloy Telescopic Stick trekking pole is the best trekking pole for the 2017/2018 season.
Gearbest Best Trekking Pole 2018

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Below is the unboxing:

  • Weight: 350 g
  • Extendable Length: 3.6ft
  • Storage Lengh: 1.6 ft
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Body material: Alluminum Alloy
  • Colors: Black,White,Red,Blue
  • Extra Features:
    1. Compass at the top
    2. Mud Cover
    3. High Strength Spring

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We have compiled reviews of what the users of this pole have to say and the following are their observations and recommendations. See for yourself if this pole is worth adding to your hiking gear.

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Durability /Build Quality

The bulk of the reviews talk about the build strength of the trekking pole and this is what makes this pole the best trekking pole for long treks and hikes through tough terrain.

This pole works perfectly well, I have repeatedly used  on many hiking trips and it and it is still in good condition. I consider it the best trekking pole I have used so far.


This is my first  try in trekking, I ordered for two on offer, they arrived very fast, well protected, they look good construction the finishes are acceptable no luxury, I will use them next week I hope they last all the way, we’ll see if it was a good one or not. Right now I recommend a Buy since so far I am satisfied with the purchase.


Very good product as described, It is light and made with resistant materials that make this pole very durable.


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I Bought  this trekking Pole to see if it’s suitable for Nordic walking or not and my conclusion is that it is Suitable because of its strength,  and lightweight Nature. It has a comfortable handle on the end of which, is a small compass so as not to get lost. I’ll order the second one for the kit.


This pole is quite small when collapsed and can be easily fit into your camping gear  when not in use. It is an excellent walking stick ideal for long walks. it has good construction and made from strong materials. I highly recommend it.

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This trekking pole comes with a Shock absorber + Comfortable knee fixation + Ruler for adjusting the length of the stick. I find this to be a very useful feature.


Well I bought this to use it as a tent pole, they work perfectly.
Light weight and holds a good weight.


A great solution for the price. Lightweight, sturdy design. Good quality of materials.


Light and comfortable. Wife liked.


Excellent quality! There is a damper that helps to absorbs shock.  I particularly its quick adjustment in length!
Plus they had very fast delivery!!


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Lightweight, strong, the perfect companion for hiking

The rest  of the reviews on strength are excluded. I have chosen to leave out since they are already mentioned above.


very nice built for its price range
cost almost twice as much in other sites.
very useful for one day hikes


I went hiking with this pole and I can say that value for price.


Inexpensive and reliable poles. Babushka and Mama were happy to do Scandinavian walking in their spare time. I am happy with the purchase. This is the best trekking pole for long walks.


Here is why I bought the pole:

  1. cheap
  2. good quality
  3. lightweight
  4. practical


Great value to this discount price. Light and tough for everyday use

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This Aluminum telescopic Trekking pole is very light, beautiful finish, and for a price more than suitable. I highly recommend this item.


Light weight and holds a good weight.

Negative Reviews

At a load and insufficient fixation can develop.


The locking mechanism can slip so it will close itself even under low loads if you don’t lock properly.


If you are over 6ft in height, be careful, these poles will probably be too short for you.


This pole does not last long track, for people who are frequent trekkers,  I would buy a professional trekking.
you have to buy 2, you will not have any use for just one.



This is what the people who have bought this trekking pole have to say. See for yourself if this product is what you are looking for in a trekking pole.

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T Warr · March 12, 2017 at 3:46 am

I would not buy a 6061 pole. 7075 is airplane grade and it’s both lighter and stronger than 6061 Steel.

    Antony · March 12, 2017 at 3:59 am

    Hi T Warr. Thanks for the comment . What pole would you recommend as the ultimate trekking pole for a veteran hiker. We would love to do a review on it.

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