There are so many options when looking for the best waterproof Women’s hiking boots for your next hiking trip. To help you sift through the large selection of boots available, I have prepared a review of the best waterproof women’s hiking boots on Amazon. The review will have an overall rating that will be based on the following sub-ratings:

  1. Comfort
  2. Weight
  3. Ruggedness/ Durability
  4. Waterproof quality
  5. Adaptability

In this review, I searched through several dozen boots sifting through hundreds of reviews both positive and negative to bring to you the best waterproof women’s hiking boots in Amazon. During my research, I took into consideration price and the number of user ratings for the boots that I am recommending. In terms of price, I searched for boots that are moderately priced and that would not be considered as high end or expensive. However, to balance this I chose the boots with the highest ratings, both in the number of stars and the number of people who rated the product. Waterproof boots that had overall ratings of above 4 stars and with over 300 user reviews were admissible into this list.

1. KEEN Women’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

 KEEN Women's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

KEEN Women’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

This hiking boot is reviewed as one of the best waterproof women’s boot in the market. At the time of writing this, the boot had 1,500 reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 stars!


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  • Material: Leather
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Waterproof: Yes

Review: 4.5 Stars


  1. Comfort: 5 stars
  2. Ankle Support: 5 Stars
  3. Ruggedness/ Durability: 4 Stars
  4. Waterproof quality: 5 Stars
  5. Adaptability: 3 Stars,300_.jpg?resize=970%2C300&ssl=1

Comfort/ Fit: 5 Stars

This boot is lauded for its comfort. Several of the reviewers used the boots for without breaking them in and their experience was quite lovely. When compared to boots that they had previously owned which gave them blisters  after a long hike, the KEEN Women’s Targhee II hiking boot kept feet properly fitted snugly on the fit and there was very little slipping within the boot.

The advice that they all give about choosing a size is that you should choose a half size up when making the purchase. There are some reviewers who require a bigger toe box and others that have wide feet. They all mentioned that the boots surprisingly fit them without causing blistering when they went for a multi-day hike.

However, there was a complaint about the type of socks you choose. Due to the waterproofing done on the boot, it is advised that you wear socks that breath so as to allow your feet to breathe.

Another concern is that the boot does not tighten on one knot and you will have to do more knots to have a tight fit that will not loosen later on.

Ankle Support: 5 Stars

The main thing that most of the review as talk about when reviewing the boots is the quality of the ankle support. Strong ankle support being a vital part of hiking safely, this feature is a great benefit to many hikers who trek for long distances on rugged terrain.

Many reviewers mentioned that their style of hiking involved a great deal of stumbling and slipping. The ankle support provided protection from injury by supporting their ankles when they slipped and stumbled over rocks.

The boots wrap snugly around the ankles and many people have mentioned this feature protected them from getting hurt when they were hiking in tough Terrain.

If you are planning on hiking on uneven ground or terrain that is a risk to your ankles, Make ankle support an important factor to consider in your buying decision.

The ankle support on this boots is one of its main selling points and I highly encourage you to have a look at the specs

Ruggedness/ Durability: 4 Stars

While there are a few comments on the durability of his boots especially in the area of the nubuk, the vast majority of reviews indicate that this boot is quite durable even when it’s taken through unforgiving conditions.KEEN Women's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot review

There are quite a number of reviewers who have checked back in after several years of using these boots and they confirm that the boot continues to hold strong even after many hiking trips. I think this speaks volumes about the build quality of the KEEN boot

One of the things that make this boot very durable is the rubber that covers the toe. Many hikers have described themselves as the stumble-along kind of hikers and this feature is a great relief to the life of the boot.

However, it would be prudent to mention that a number of reviewers have indicated that their hiking boots detached at the sole after several days of use. One such reviewer took the matter up with Amazon and he got a replacement pair. You may blame this on a manufacturing flaw which may not have affected the majority of the boots and therefore it’s should not hinder your buying decision.

Waterproof quality: 5 Stars

The waterproof quality of these boots is quite remarkable. The one thing that almost every reviewer for this product repeats in every post, is how well the booties are able to remain dry even in very wet conditions. Use these boots in snow and rain conditions and they will continue remaining dry even when its competitors seep water in. The boot uses a breathable membrane that allows your feet to breathe without getting water in.

A few of the reviewers wore thick socks with their Keen and this increased the “sweaty-ness” of their feet and hindered from breathing effectively. I, therefore, advised that you choose your socks wisely. Choose mid-cushion hiking performance socks.

Several reviews had gotten ankle-deep in water and remain 100% dry when wearing this boot. So if you’re planning to hike in wet conditions, choose this boot if you would like to remain dry.

Adaptability: 3 Stars

For the sake of these posts, I Define adaptability as the ability use one product for various utilities. This means that you can use an adaptable shoe hiking on one day and a stroll in the park on the next and probably go to work on the third day.KEEN Women's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot review

The KEEN is an excellent boot for hiking and other outdoor activities. It is stylish and comes in various colors and you can use this boot in varied situations and environments, other than hiking. However, I find its ruggedness a bit too rugged for City use in a place like an office or business unless your work culture and the dress code is that relaxed. Therefore, This Waterproof Women’s Hiking Boot falls short in the adaptability rating.

Many reviewers mention that they use the boots for gardening, ranching and a number of other uses. Is therefore specially fitted for those people who are outside most of the time.

You’re planning on buying this boot for both hiking and other day-to-day use, you need to consider where you spend most of your time since this will be one of the main factors to consider.

Even when this boot is less than ideal for certain conditions, one thing is for sure, it is ranks among the best waterproof women’s hiking boots.


2. Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boot

This is another awesome hiking boot. It ranks among the best waterproof women’s hiking boot due to its cute design and elegant and functional build. It does not have as many reviews as the keen and for this reason, I have ranked it as less popular but non the less, a great hiking boot when you need to keep your feet dry when on your adventure up a Zion trail.


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  • Material: Leather & Textile
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Waterproof: Yes

Editor’s Review: 3.5 Stars


Comfort: 4 stars
Ankle Support: 4 Stars
Ruggedness/ Durability: 3.5 Stars
Waterproof quality: 2 Stars
Adaptability: 5 Stars


Comfort: 4 stars

The beauty about this boots is that they are comfortable, however you need to You need to select a boot that is a half size up. The reason for this is that with additional width of the socks that you’ll be wearing, it is possible that you may feel slightly uncomfortable with the boots after long hike. Many of the reviews of these boots indicates that a half size up is sufficient but does not leave too much extra  room making them quite comfortable for long hikes. Wear hiking socks when You wear these boots to prevent any discomfort. Consider wearing mid-weight socks with this pair.

On the down side, there , however, there are a few reviewers who complained of discomfort in one of the shoes due to excessive material at the arch. This complaint is not wide spread and therefore may be due to a manufacturing flaw in some of the boots. I would advise that you take some time immediately you purchase this boot to try them on and walk around the house in them. This will help you to establish whether they have this flaw before the return window closes.


Ankle Support: 4 Stars

The Ahnu Sugarpine Women’s  waterproof hiking boot has great ankle support. A large number of reviewers online have complemented how many times that this boot has saved them from rolling their ankles. The boot is high and offers it user support especially in rocky terrain. The one thing that i found a bit lacking is that the manufacturer has not put this as one of the selling point of the boot. This, I found particularly interesting since so many people complemented the ankle support offered by the hiking boot. I can therefore venture to say that this was coincidental to the design of the boot and may not have been considered as a priority.

So here is my verdict, if you find yourself rolling your ankles easily when going for hikes, place a keen consideration for ankle support and consider a boot that has placed ankle support as one of the design elements in their boot. In this light, I would recommend the KEEN reviewed above. They have put quite some effort in designing the boot’s ankle support to be both sturdy and non-obtrusive.

Ruggedness/ Durability: 4 Stars

With rubber toe protector that will help to keep the boot  together when you hit your foot on a rock, this boot falls short in the durability department especially when used in perpetual rough terrain for a long time. There are a few reviewers who have complained that the stitching started coming loose after some weeks of rough handling.

However, at the price point of this boot, the quality and durability of the Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boot is satisfactory. This is especially true if you don’t plan to use this boot for weeks or months on end.


Waterproof quality: 2 Stars

The Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boot  is marketed as a waterproof hiking boot. This means that when you use it in wet conditions and it will keep your feet dry and moisture free. This definition of waterproof for this boot, has been disputed by a number of reviewers as an oversell. All the critical reviews of the boot in the waterproof category have said that the boots indeed remain dry inside in wet conditions but only for a short while. They eventually take in water and become completely soaked inside.

One interesting thing that I found when going through the reviews, though is that many of the reviewers commented on how waterproof the boots are. This seemingly contradictory observation is qualified by the fact that a number of the reviewers indicated that they tested “waterproofness” by walking on shallow streams and the boot remains dry. This therefore leads me to believe that the boots have a level of water resistance but it does not hold off water for very long.


Adaptability: 5 Stars

This boot is very beautifully designed. With its wide range of colors to choose from, this boot takes the prize for cuteness. You can wear the Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boot for a hiking trip on one day and on the next, go out for a walk or even work if you are into that kind of look. Again , the wide color selection allows you to match the boot with whatever clothes you already have and making sure you look as amazing as you feel about your next hiking trip.

Many of the reviewers have mentioned that one of the main factors that led them to buy the boot eventually was how good it looked. You have to hand it to the designers, they did a pretty good job when choosing the color combos and the final design of the Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boot.



Merrell Women’s Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

This is another of the Best Waterproof Women’s Hiking Boots that is in the lower ranges in terms of pricing.  It is a cute and colorful boot that you can use in several different environments aside from hiking.


Merrell Women's Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

  • Material: Leather/Fabric
  • Vibram Sole
  • Waterproof breathable mesh panels
  •  waterproof breathable M select dry membrane that keeps water out but moisture from physical activity breathes out which is an interesting feature.



Editor’s Review:   Stars


Comfort: 5 stars
Ankle Support: 4 Stars
Ruggedness/ Durability: 3.5 Stars
Waterproof quality: 2 Stars
Adaptability: 5 Stars


Comfort: 5 stars

The first and most important thing to consider when choosing this pair is Sizing. Several reviewers of this boot have complained of having bad fit when you get it in your exact shoe size. My advise is that you order a 1/2 size up. I cannot emphasize how important this is for this specific boot. There are so many people who have had bad experiences when they ordered  this boot in their exact size. Make sure that you get at least a 1/2 size up… Please.

However, I would like to mention that there are  a number of reviewers who praise this boot for its comfort. Many say that their boots were comfortable right off the box. However, I will put a caveat on this  praise that some people complained that the boot has a narrow toe box that made the boot very uncomfortable for them.

Generally, Even with the critical reviewers, almost everyone who has bought this bot agrees that the Merrell Women’s Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is wonderfully comfortable. That is why I have given it a high rating on this parameter.

Ankle Support: 3 Stars

This boot has had quite a number of complaints about its ankle support.

Ruggedness/ Durability: 3.5 Stars
Waterproof quality: 4.5 Stars
Adaptability: 5 Stars