When hiking and Camping, it is essential that you have the best trekking poles to ensure  that your hiking adventure is memorable, fulfilling and safe. Below is a review of the best trekking poles available.

5. NatureHike Folding Ultralight Alpenstocks:

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This pole is praised for its light weight and easy to fold away when not in use. It has an adjustable lock that secures it in place when in use and prevents it from folding. It comes with a carrying bag and in several color variations. View more images and product description  to learn more about this pole.

2.Better Straight Shank Super Light Hiking Pole Straight Shank Aluminum Alloy Mountaineering Pole

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This proves to be one of the best trekking poles in this Market. This pole  is made of aluminum and is 3 ft long. It can be reduced to 2 ft for easy storage and carrying when not in need of the pole. The pole has a robust construction & fits cabin suitcase You can use it for walking, hiking,  in muddy areas and snow. However, a number of customers complain that it works best for taller people. The pole has a firm handle that is easily gripped. Considering its price, this pole offers a bargain. View more images and product descriptions to help you make a purchase.


3. AOTU Three Sections Alpenstock for Mountaineering

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With a full length of 4 Ft and a folding length of 2 ft, This particular pole works well for tall people. Users consider it an excellent product considering its price. It comes with a tip that has been hardened to prevent wear and tear and it also comes equipped with a detachable snow bracelet that will be useful when trekking in the snow. Learn more about this pole

2. Adjustable Metal Folding Cane

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A the people who will enjoy this cane are the space conscious individuals would like the comfort of keeping the kane away when it isnt needed while still keeping a small load.  it is praised for being easy to use and well designed. It has a strong rubber tip that grips the floor firmly. This pole is recommend for general walking and mild hikes and its versatility speaks volumes. View a more detailed description.

1: 6061 Alluminum Alloy Telescopic Stick


This is one of the Best trekking pole in the market and with very good reason: It is durable and sturdy to withstand harsh terrain like snow and mud. Many clients talk about having used the pole multiple times without it becoming weak. This pole is   built from alumina and has been made  thick to withstand stress and for this reason, Customers celebrate them for being very well made and well thought out using strong materials. Check out this pole
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Top 5 Best Trekking Poles 2018 – Plan for Your Next Adventure