Hiking Zion in April- Guide to Hiking Zion National Park in Spring

Zion National Park is a lovely place to visit during spring. April is many people’s favorite time of the year to hike in the Zions. During Spring, Zion is not very crowded, the trees are bright green and the weather, mild and Zion Natonal Parkencouraging.  If you are planning on going to Zion National Park this Spring, you need to be prepared and informed to ensure that your adventure will be memorable and fun. Below is a guide to all you need to know before embarking on  hiking Zion in April.


April is the wettest season in Zion National Park and the weather fluctuates unpredictably at this time of year. Maximum  temperatures average at 90°F while minimum temperatures  average at 34°F. However, these might vary due to changes in elevation and time of day. It is therefore advisable for you to dress in layers and carry something heavy for the colder times  of the day. In April, There are high chances of rainfall and it is advisable for you to carry a light rain coat and mud boots that are water resistant since it will likely be muddy. It is advisable to avoid the Narrows at this time of the year since they are still very chilly and may not make for a conducive hike unless you are looking to challenge yourself.

If you are planning on spending the night in the park, it is advisable to prepare for chilly nights. It is reported that in some areas of the park, there are still patches of snow that has not yet cleared from winter and therefore you should expect chilly conditions especially at night.

Popular Trails to Consider

When Hiking in Zion in April, the following trails are most advisable

The Zion Narrows

Especially if the flow rate of the water is low, this is the most recommended trail. In April, the water levels are slightly high and may not be recommended for everyone but it is a true adventure to wade in the waters of the narrows with the epic views. Take this trial and you will be among the many people who consider it a bucket-list-worthy trail.Hiking Zion April

A word of caution: if you take this trail in March or early April, you will be in the water 90% of the time and some sections will have strong flows. You need to have the right gear  to avoid getting wet. You can rent dry suits for a few bucks outside the park if you prefer not owning your own wet-suit but if you are planning on taking on a number of hikes on similar trails or if you are interested in fishing, you may consider purchasing one for yourself.In addition to this, you would also need to keep your footing in the slippery trails by wearing Neoprene Socks  that will help you not to slip when your inner shoe gets wet.

Angel’s Landing

This trail offers a scenic walk with a challenging incline which is eased by switchbacks which allow you to catch your breath. Many say that getting to the top of Angels Landing is their most fulfilling feat ever. Many call the last leg of the climb as a scary one if you are afraid of heights but it it a hike that challenges a person to the core. Since the first part of the hike is the hardest, it is advised that you start early (latest 8am) so as to be done with this first section before the sun shines bright and the walk becomes more grueling and also to avoid crowds.Angel's Landing April

Make sure you carry a camera with when hiking  Zion in April because you will experience the most incredible view over the Zion canyon at the end of the hike with the green foliage of spring garnishing your  view. If you make it to the top of Angel’s Landing, You will be offered a view that you will not forget for a very long time.

Make sure to carry lots of water to hydrate along the way. Consider taking a hydration pack with you to help you keep dehydration at bay.

Canyon Overlook Trail

One of the easier trails to hike in Spring at Zion National Park. Many describe it as a mild walk that offers a beautiful view of the Canyon. The trail is short and has a number of drop-offs and scary ledges. However, they are well guarded and therefore pose little risk to the hiker.

This is the perfect hike for people of all ages who would like to eZion National Park Aprilnjoy scenery without the long trek to get to it. It is recommended when planning a mild Zion hike in April. We would advise that you don’t underestimate the trail and try it without the proper equipment especially the right footwear. It may be an easy hike but you definitely need to take caution since this is still the great outdoors.

Zion Insider Hiking Secrets

Avoiding Crowds when hiking Zion in April

Zion National Park is the most popular hiking destination in Utah so you can be sure that if you are thinking of going hiking, there are many who have the same idea and will be traveling at the same time as you. to avoid encountering crowds, you need to follow the following tips:

  1. Leave at the Crack of Dawn: When getting out on your hike, leave as early possible. This will give you a lead and you will not have to wait at the bottle necks like the free mandatory shuttle bus that accesses the main Zion canyon.
  2. Take the Trails less Traveled: Consider taking trails that are less popular and therefore less crowded. The beauty of Hiking in the Zion National Park is that the entire landscape is so beautiful that even if you take a less popular trail, you will still enjoy the beauty of  the place. Trails to consider are:
    • Watchman trail
    • Observation Point
    • Emerald Pools
  3. Travel in Early Spring: The fact that you are considering to travel in spring to the Zions will help you avoid challenges  with crowding since its not attractive to everyone due to its Fluctuating weather.

Camping in Zion

There are three camping grounds in Zion National Park.

  1. South Campground
  2. Watchman Campground
  3. Lavapoint Campground

Most of the camping grounds in Zion are full before noon and one needs to make a reservation to ensure that you have a spot. Otherwise, it is wise to come as early as possible so as not to be disappointed. The park also has a park-wide camping limit of 14 nights across all camps from March to November.

In addition to the Park’s Campgrounds, there are several private campgrounds within short distance of the Park so just in case you are stuck without a space to camp, you can check them out.


Best Trekking Pole Review: The 6061 Alluminum Alloy Telescopic Stick

In a previous post, where we went through lessons in trekking that can be learned from trekking to the South pole  got us thinking: Having good gear is essential for you to enjoy that next hiking trip.  That led us to the 6061 Alluminum Alloy Telescopic Stick. Where price meets great design and manufacturing. With a load Bearing capacity of 220 lbs and the ability to extend up to 3.6 ft, the 6061 Alluminum Alloy Telescopic Stick trekking pole is the best trekking pole for the 2017/2018 season.
Gearbest Best Trekking Pole 2018

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Below is the unboxing:

  • Weight: 350 g
  • Extendable Length: 3.6ft
  • Storage Lengh: 1.6 ft
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Body material: Alluminum Alloy
  • Colors: Black,White,Red,Blue
  • Extra Features:
    1. Compass at the top
    2. Mud Cover
    3. High Strength Spring

Gearbest 6061 Trekking Pole Features View More Features

We have compiled reviews of what the users of this pole have to say and the following are their observations and recommendations. See for yourself if this pole is worth adding to your hiking gear.

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Durability /Build Quality

The bulk of the reviews talk about the build strength of the trekking pole and this is what makes this pole the best trekking pole for long treks and hikes through tough terrain.

This pole works perfectly well, I have repeatedly used  on many hiking trips and it and it is still in good condition. I consider it the best trekking pole I have used so far.


This is my first  try in trekking, I ordered for two on offer, they arrived very fast, well protected, they look good construction the finishes are acceptable no luxury, I will use them next week I hope they last all the way, we’ll see if it was a good one or not. Right now I recommend a Buy since so far I am satisfied with the purchase.


Very good product as described, It is light and made with resistant materials that make this pole very durable.

Gearbest 6061 Trekking Pole use in snow

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I Bought  this trekking Pole to see if it’s suitable for Nordic walking or not and my conclusion is that it is Suitable because of its strength,  and lightweight Nature. It has a comfortable handle on the end of which, is a small compass so as not to get lost. I’ll order the second one for the kit.


This pole is quite small when collapsed and can be easily fit into your camping gear  when not in use. It is an excellent walking stick ideal for long walks. it has good construction and made from strong materials. I highly recommend it.

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This trekking pole comes with a Shock absorber + Comfortable knee fixation + Ruler for adjusting the length of the stick. I find this to be a very useful feature.


Well I bought this to use it as a tent pole, they work perfectly.
Light weight and holds a good weight.


A great solution for the price. Lightweight, sturdy design. Good quality of materials.


Light and comfortable. Wife liked.


Excellent quality! There is a damper that helps to absorbs shock.  I particularly its quick adjustment in length!
Plus they had very fast delivery!!


Gearbest 6061 Trekking Pole length View More Product Ratings


Lightweight, strong, the perfect companion for hiking

The rest  of the reviews on strength are excluded. I have chosen to leave out since they are already mentioned above.


very nice built for its price range
cost almost twice as much in other sites.
very useful for one day hikes


I went hiking with this pole and I can say that value for price.


Inexpensive and reliable poles. Babushka and Mama were happy to do Scandinavian walking in their spare time. I am happy with the purchase. This is the best trekking pole for long walks.


Here is why I bought the pole:

  1. cheap
  2. good quality
  3. lightweight
  4. practical


Great value to this discount price. Light and tough for everyday use

Gearbest 6061 Trekking Pole length

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This Aluminum telescopic Trekking pole is very light, beautiful finish, and for a price more than suitable. I highly recommend this item.


Light weight and holds a good weight.

Negative Reviews

At a load and insufficient fixation can develop.


The locking mechanism can slip so it will close itself even under low loads if you don’t lock properly.


If you are over 6ft in height, be careful, these poles will probably be too short for you.


This pole does not last long track, for people who are frequent trekkers,  I would buy a professional trekking.
you have to buy 2, you will not have any use for just one.



This is what the people who have bought this trekking pole have to say. See for yourself if this product is what you are looking for in a trekking pole.

You can take a look at other camping gear that you can pair with the best trekking pole for 2017/18 adventures


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Top 5 Best Trekking Poles 2018 – Plan for Your Next Adventure

When hiking and Camping, it is essential that you have the best trekking poles to ensure  that your hiking adventure is memorable, fulfilling and safe. Below is a review of the best trekking poles available.

5. NatureHike Folding Ultralight Alpenstocks:

Gearbest GearBest treking pole 5
This pole is praised for its light weight and easy to fold away when not in use. It has an adjustable lock that secures it in place when in use and prevents it from folding. It comes with a carrying bag and in several color variations. View more images and product description  to learn more about this pole.

2.Better Straight Shank Super Light Hiking Pole Straight Shank Aluminum Alloy Mountaineering Pole

Gearbest GearBest treking pole 4
This proves to be one of the best trekking poles in this Market. This pole  is made of aluminum and is 3 ft long. It can be reduced to 2 ft for easy storage and carrying when not in need of the pole. The pole has a robust construction & fits cabin suitcase You can use it for walking, hiking,  in muddy areas and snow. However, a number of customers complain that it works best for taller people. The pole has a firm handle that is easily gripped. Considering its price, this pole offers a bargain. View more images and product descriptions to help you make a purchase.


3. AOTU Three Sections Alpenstock for Mountaineering

Gearbest GearBest treking pole 3

With a full length of 4 Ft and a folding length of 2 ft, This particular pole works well for tall people. Users consider it an excellent product considering its price. It comes with a tip that has been hardened to prevent wear and tear and it also comes equipped with a detachable snow bracelet that will be useful when trekking in the snow. Learn more about this pole

2. Adjustable Metal Folding Cane

Gearbest GearBest treking pole 2
A the people who will enjoy this cane are the space conscious individuals would like the comfort of keeping the kane away when it isnt needed while still keeping a small load.  it is praised for being easy to use and well designed. It has a strong rubber tip that grips the floor firmly. This pole is recommend for general walking and mild hikes and its versatility speaks volumes. View a more detailed description.

1: 6061 Alluminum Alloy Telescopic Stick

Gearbest GearBest treking pole 1

This is one of the Best trekking pole in the market and with very good reason: It is durable and sturdy to withstand harsh terrain like snow and mud. Many clients talk about having used the pole multiple times without it becoming weak. This pole is   built from alumina and has been made  thick to withstand stress and for this reason, Customers celebrate them for being very well made and well thought out using strong materials. Check out this pole
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Climbing a Mountain- 3 Lessons Learned from 105 day trek to the South Pole.

Why would anyone put himself under the harsh and unforgiving conditions of climbing a mountain? This is the same question that Ben Saunders asked himsnow, winter hike, mountains, trailself when he was undertaking the 105 day trek to the South pole. He had to muster Within himself  the motivation to start the the expedition which he knew would be a grueling climb on dangerous glaciers and barren terrain.

Ben’s journey and the lessons that he picked up during the trek can help climbers prepare to climb a mountain or  take  a long difficult hike.

Lessons From 105 Day South Pole Trek

1. Prepare for Delays and extensions of your timelines

Ben and his partner ran out of food at 46 Miles short of completing their journey. If they had not prepared for this possibility, it would have been a rush against time to save the pair from starvation. However, they had prepared to have a helicopter bring in a replenishment for their supplies if they needed it and the plane was on standby to come to their rescue.

You may not have the luxury of having a plane on standby when on your climb and for this reason, you need to be prepared in case things go south. Since when climbing a mountain, you are battling the elements you should never leave this aspect to chance. An effective way of Climbing, Snow, Mountaindealing with this is to carry Emergency food rations that should not be used until your original rations are depleted.

2. Understand your terrain and prepare for it.

During their return journey, Ben and his partner encountered a challenge with their crampons and they had to repair them after every few hours. This significantly delayed their timelines and as a result, the rations that they had carried ran out since they had not planned on the extra time that would be taken to repair the crampons and the delay that this would create.

It is important to ensure that you understand your terrain since it is going to determine the kind of gear that you need for your expedition. Make sure that you do your research on the conditions of the terrain that you will be taking on and ensure that you have the correct gear and supplies to to ensure that as you are climbing a mountain, you will not run out .

3. Set a Goal but be Flexible.

Ben had a very clear goal: doing the trek with only the supplies that he had and with no external help. However, this goal had to be metered with the realization that no matter how much planning you do, you may eventually have to swallow your pride and give up or at least adjust the goal. Glacier, Climbing, pair

Climbing a mountain is no easy task. It requires a clear goal and a great deal of motivation. It is easy for that goal to consume us to a point of no return. As much as it is important to set a goal of the distance that you will cover daily and the milestones that you need to reach, it is equally important to realize that these goals may get affected by contravening circumstances and at that point, you may need to readjust your plan.